Timezone Issues when working with dates in SharePoint’s REST services

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I was working on a SharePoint vacation planner  that would show employees down the left side of the page and Dates accross the top. The Sharepoint calendar does not provide such a format (as far as I know) so I decided to build it using javascript/jsRender and listdata.svc.  Users click on a cell in the Grid and it shows them a popup to enter info about there absence.


It worked great until a user  in  Asia accessed the calendar. All the dates were off by One day (i.e. a vacation day scheduled for July 5 would show up as july 4 when Viewed in Asia).

I queried my conrtent database with

FROM [AllUserData]
where [tp_ListId] =(
FROM [AllLists]
where [tp_WebId]  = (
SELECT  [Id] FROM [AllWebs] WITH(NOLOCK)where FullUrl = ‘HR/Attendance2’)
and tp_Title = ‘Absencses’)
and tp_DeleteTransactionId=0x

and found that the Vacation date was stored…

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