Gephi – the possibilities of a data visualization platform

Insights @exploreyourdata

Gephi is a reference for the visualization of networks. It can become much more.

1. The first usage of Gephi is probably to, well, download it, install it and work with it. Simple, that’s how we know Gephi:



2. On the Gephi website, we see that a second use is possible: download the “Toolkit” version of Gephi.


This toolkit version of Gephi is made for programmers: there is no “window” appearing or anything, just pure code to execute Gephi functions automatically and repeatedly. For example:

– import a network

– apply a layout

– export the picture of the network to pdf.

– pick another network.

– repeat  previous steps x 1000

As the activity of the Gephi forum shows, there are many users who take Gephi this way.


3. Gephi also comes in a third flavor: Gephi plugins.

Plugins are basically little modifications that…

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