Installing python-tesseract on Mac OS X

Sameer Khan

I’ve used macports during this installation as it was more convenient for me. There are various installation guides for python-tesseract on the official website. Hopefully you already have xcode, apple-gcc, python, numpy and opencv installed. At the time of writing this, tesseract-ocr version was 3.01 (checked out revision 863) and python-tesseract version was 0.8-1.7

Step 1: Some often used tools (optional)

You might as well get these things that are often used during installation of various packages such as “subversion”, “wget”, “axel”, “cmake”, “automake”, “autoconf”, “libtools”, “swig” and “swig-python”. If you already have these the following code will simply update them. Use the following command at your terminal:

$ sudo port install subversion wget axel cmake automake autoconf libtool swig swig-python

While installing the above things macports discovered that it needed to rebuild apple-gcc42 and opencv. Building apple-gcc42 took quite a long time (20 mins or so). Building apple-gcc42 also ate all…

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