Build a SharePoint 2013 development environment on a single VM – Part 3

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This post is part of three part series:
Part 1: Install and Configure Windows Server 2008 R2
Part 2: Install and Configure SQL Server 2012
Part 3: Install and Configure SharePoint 2013 (this post)

Part 3: Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2012 Enterprise

Step 1: Install SharePoint Server 2013 Prerequisites

1) Insert SharePoint Server 2013 disk on DVD drive and Double-click the setup.hta file in the installation folder to launch the installer utility

2) Run the SharePoint 2013 Products Preparation Tool:

a.Click the link Install software prerequisites under the Install group.

b. Click Next at the welcome screen to install the SharePoint Server prerequisites.

3) Accept the license and click next to run SharePoint 2013 Products Preparation tool

4) Click Finish when asked to restart the system and then log in again as SPLAB\Administrator.

5) After reboot SharePoint Products Preparation Tool will continue installing rest of the applications. You will…

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