Image Processing – An Easy Intro

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What I’m using

For anyone ( specially non-programmers ) who want to take a shot at Image processing SimpleCV is the easiest way. It’s easy to use, written for Python and reasonably fast for most applications. I happen to be a GSoC student for the same this year and I’m working to improve it’s display system ( more about it here )

You can visit the Homepage to read up and pre-configured installers.

Or to be extra awesome you can clone the latest source code from here.

Let’s get going

Start by importing all names in the SimpleCV namespace.

The R,G,B colorspace

Images are stored in memory by storing the amount of Red, Green and Blue Colors. Let’s see this in action

The above code will create a small image 500×500 pixels wide. It’s all black initially :(.

The red,green and clue color values are…

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