Building a Private AWS-compatible Cloud for $400

Dream. Develop. Direct.

I wrote a short post earlier in the week titled Eucalyptus Cloud on Ubuntu 13.04 SE. This is the promised follow-up to that post and has since been revised which I will explain below. I often use Ubuntu in development environments due to the community support and large availability of libraries and third-party repositories. Over the years I have utilized Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc. and for a development environment, it is largely a matter of preference and what you the developer know best – yum versus apt, whatever file structure you are used to, or any other reason you might prefer one over the other.

UPDATE: This post was updated (2013 Aug 03) to include notes regarding a requirement to enable CPU Virtualization in the BIOS, and manual installation of KVM, which was apparently not part of the FastStart installation. Additionally, a sample…

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