What evidence is there that Agile works?


Traditional projects are developed in stages by specialised functional teams.  These projects usually spend 60% of their time in analysis, design and planning and yet often go way over time and budget, reducing scope and delivering low business value.

Simple waterfall diagram

Agile is a much better way of delivering projects and yet I often run into managers who are opposed to agile because they think it is an adhoc approach that requires an open check book.

Ad-hoc development

But Agile isn’t an ad-hoc delivery process at all. Its something new. Agile takes the best of adhoc and waterfall to reliably deliver initiatives on time and on budget with high quality.



What is the evidence for those who haven’t tried it?

Case Study 1- Telco Projects

In 2007 I worked on a series of large projects for a large Australian Telco using a heavy Prince 2 waterfall process to deliver a billion dollar IT…

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