Extracting Data From Multiple Files with Power Query

Devin Knight

In this post I’d like to demonstrate another way Power Query can solve simple data extraction problems without much time or effort.  If you’re still learning the basics of Power Query please refer back to an earlier post here.

This demonstration will show you how to use Power Query to scan a file folder to search for a set of files to load.  Then load the contents of multiple files all at once and use transformations to format the data appropriately..

Step by Step

  1. Launch Excel2010 or higher.
  2. Select the Power Query tab.
  3. Select From File under the Get External Data section of the tab.
  4. Choose the option From Folder, which allows you to load more than one file at once.


  1. Browse to a folder, which has the files you desire to load then click OK. These files should all be formatted similarly to each other.  Having…

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