CRUD application with AngularJS, Rails, twitter-bootstrap and ng-boilerplate: part 4 grid and CRUD


Part 4 of a tutorial that connects AngularJS to a Rails backend. This post focuses on extending our club list view to use a grid instead of a basic list, and providing a modal form to edit the clubs.  The previous post was Adding a list (query) page to the AngularJS app, the next post is New and Delete.  You can also find the index of the posts in the tutorial, or hit the tutorials menu at the top and select the Rails 3 tutorial.

In the third post we hooked our AngularJS app to our rails app, and provided a list of clubs from the rails server.  If you haven’t completed the earlier posts in this tutorial series, download the code from github: tutorial_3.  In this post we’re going to extend in two ways – using the ngGrid control to provide a nicer looking list…

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