5 Excel Functions Every Young Professional Should Know

Salary Monkey


In my experience, a shocking number of business professionals have very little fluency in Excel. Many are intimidated by it or don’t perceive it worthy of the time it takes to learn the basic productivity-boosting functions that Excel offers. Instead, they choose to slog through the data, or shoot it to some poor underling to do for them.

For the entry level candidate, making yourself the resident Excel expert presents an opportunity for visibility and advancement. If your office is like those I’ve worked in, the resident Excel expert gets a huge amount of cache simply for spending a few minutes working your “magic” on a given data set to make it more easily usable by your office mates. Even executives will know your name and seek you out.

The idea of the Electronic Spreadsheet or “interactive visible calculator” dates back to 1979 with the introduction of a software program…

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