Setting Up OpenVPN Access Server with CloudFormation

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This post is to continue on the my previous post about Setting up OpenvPN Access Server in Amazon VPC. To make it easy to launch it in an existing AWS VPC. I have put together a CloudFormation template to automate the process. You can find the CloudFormation template in my github repository.

You will be able to set up a OpenVPN Access Server with the cloudformation template in the CloudFormation Management Console.

Click Create New Stack button to start the process.

create stack

Give a stack name and specify where the template. The stack name is case-sensitive and has to be unique within your AWS account. It must start with a letter and can only contains alphanumeric characters. In other words, no spaces or special characters are allowed.

select template

You will need to enter a few inputs to specify things like VPC ID, Subnet ID, Admin user name, password and the like.

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