ClearOS vs. Zentyal

Origin1 Technologies

Going to keep this short and sweet. In the past I’ve always run vanilla *NiX boxes. Why? well I’ve been at this a while since I was a kid in the 80’s so there’s that. Command lines are natural to my gen. But in recent years unlike many of the “do everything command line” fanboi’s the reality is that sometimes its nice to have some sort of management UI. If you are argue that you’re doing just that, being argumentative.

So recently I checkout the two SBS flavors for Linux. That being ClearOS and Zentyal. The former runs on CentOS where Zentyal runs on Ubuntu. First I’m a fan of Ubuntu they are doing some nice work and their desktop is one of my favs. With that said I’m not as confident with Ubuntu’s server. Be clear that doesn’t mean its not solid. In fact if you roll the…

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