What programming language do you think in?

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Your thoughts are limited by your vocabulary. When I’m extremely pissed, sometimes English just won’t cut it and I wish I could express my anger in a Germanic tongue. Those who are fluent in multiple languages are able to formulate some really expansive thoughts.

I always wish I had taken the time to learn more languages when I was younger. My dad tried to teach me Japanese and my boyfriend tried to teach me Dutch, but I only learned enough of each to insult one’s mother before getting bored and moving on.

I now try to compensate by learning more programming languages. Each language has its best practices and boundaries. Some ideas are prohibitive in one language but frictionless to express in others. As a result, programmers of a given language will approach problems with the mindset they’ve become accustomed to.

C++ requires programmers to be thoughtful whereas Python encourages…

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