Installing Python, Scipy and Pyxll

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I have recently been experimenting with Pyxll, which after a few initial hiccoughs is proving to be an easy and efficient way to connect Excel to Python based scientific and maths applications, such as linear algebra routines and ODE solvers.  An overview of what the program will do is given in the Youtube link below:

The main thing to watch out for when installing is to make sure that all the software packages required are compatible with your version of Excel, and with each other.  Note that to run Pyxll the version is controlled by the version of Excel (32 bit or 64 bit), regardless of the number of bits of your Windows version.

Finding the version information used to be easy; it was always under Help-About, but Microsoft has apparently decided that this information might frighten the uninformed, so they have decided to hide it:

  • In Excel 2010 it…

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