Setting up MySql server with utf-8 charset(s)

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I can’t remember how many times I installed mysql server or mysql client on some Linux machines (occasionaly on Windows also) and forgot to change the charset of both client, connection, server etc.
For me being from non-latin culture and also working in such an enviroment it is always a step plus and torment while configuring the mysql servers to make them workable with utf8.
With that tought in mind, the purpose of this post is to give you fast solution on setting up utf8 or any other charset in your servers or development machines.
I also suggest making a skeleton my.cnf file and copy-pasting it on new instances of MySql.

Log in on mysql console and execute the query: mysql> show variables like ‘%char%’;

This will give you probably an output like this:

mysql> show variables like ‘%char%’;
| Variable_name | Value |
| character_set_client | latin1…

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