Handling Differences Between XML and JSP Tags in WebCenter Sites

TEAM Informatics blog

By: Darek Blankenbuhler – Application Consultant

sites boxIn WebCenter Sites there is a common issue of using JSP tags that function differently than their XML counterparts, even though the tags share documentation.  This can become a major issue when a developer is required to use JSP, for example when using a custom Java class in the element code.

To counter this issue there is a function in the ics class called RunTag.  This function will run any tag as an XML tag and create all the necessary objects inside the JSP.  The tag is very simple to use.  First the developer needs to identify all of the XML attributes the tag will need.  Keep in mind that some of these attributes will have different names.  Then the developer needs to create an instance of FTValList (found at COM.FutureTense.Interfaces.FTValList).  The FTValList will allow the developer to create a name/value map.  In this case…

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