New NetBeans Plugin: Issue Tracking Project Support

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Last week I released a new plugin for the NetBeans IDE called Issue Tracking Project Support. This plugin offers you a better integration of Issue Trackers with NetBeans Projects. It maps a NetBeans Project to an Issue Tracking Repository.

Features in this first pre-release:

  • All registered Issue Tracker providers within the NetBeans IDE are supported.
  • There’s a new category “Issue Tracker” in the Project Properties panel:
  • The Issue Tracking settings can be inherited from the parent project if the project is a sub project, e.g. a Suite Module project which has a parent Module Suite project:
    ProjectProperties-SubModule-OSX-V0.1 ProjectProperties-SuiteModule-ParentSettings-OSX-V0.1
  • After enabling the feature in the Project Properties, an additional sub menu is added to the project’s context menu. Some Issue Tracker basic actions are available as well as additional actions like “Recent Issues”:
  • Currently only NetBeans Plattform Module and Suite Projects are supported. In future other project types like Maven Projects…

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