Undocumented QueryClose enum ‘vbQueryClose’ value of ‘5’

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In my Excel 2013 32-bit VBA application, while monitoring the ‘UserForm_QueryClose‘ event, Excel threw up a value of ‘5’.

So far I am acquainted with vbQueryClose enums ‘0’ … ‘4’ which are documented by Microsoft (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee177104.aspx) but never traced nor saw a ‘5’. Not a single hit on the Internet, this value is a genuine mystery to me.

This value of ‘5’ occurs during closing down an Excel window —either single window workbook or multiple window workbook— to which a modeless window is hooked.

Excel 2013, being now an SDI application, causes all kind of Z-Order issues with legacy application using UserForms which are well documented on various Excel MVP sites. For instance Jan Karel Pieterse has dedicated time and resources to document and provide workarounds and solutions.

During my programming work, I have seen that modeless UserForms are linked to the window active at the time the…

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