A Must Have For Any Credit Controller

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In my line of work I have often come across the situation where we (the company I work for) have received a payment with no payment details and it is unable to match the payment to any open invoices.  When the customer has paid oldest-first or the list of open invoices is single-digit it is very easy to do the matching. However when you have to find five out of 50 invoices, things get trickier.

I identified the problem and search for the web and, as usual, Google has answer for (almost) anything.

I came across a VBA/ Macro-enable Excel solution where you enter number of possible  outcomes (1), target value / receipt (2), and list all invoices that should be matched (3) and with a click of a button you get your results.

All you need is a basic knowledge of VBA code or how macros work in Excel:

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