Build a jquery plugin



  1. 35% of all sites that use JavaScript, use jQuery
  2. 1 out 5, of all sites, use jQuery.




  1.  jQuery is a JavaScript Library.
  2.  Simplicity, Speeds up web development
  3.   Avoids common headaches w/ browsers
  4.   Extensive list of plugins
  5.   Large & active community
  6.   Extensive test coverage (50 browsers, 11 platforms)
  7.   API for both coders and designers.

what is a plugin?

  •  A plugin is nothing more than a custom jQuery method created to extend the functionality of   the jQuery object (Ex: $(‘ul’).myPlugin()).
  • You want to “find something”, and “do something” but the “do something” is not available in jQuery.
  • Roll your own “do something” with a plugin.

A jQuery plugin steps:

    Plugins are simple, just follow the steps

      Step 1. create a private scope for $

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