Deploy Twillio – Salesforce library using Eclipse, without using ant or any other tool to integrate with Salesforce.


The first step of integration with any platform is setting up the environment for that integration. Some times it is easy and sometimes it is difficult. It depends on platform to platform.
If we talk about Twilio it provides all possible library in all possible languages and platforms so that we can integrate it with our apps. Here we are talking about Salesforce. Salesforce is the most popular platform till date in list of CRM. Integrating it with Twilio makes it a very power platform which can now has approach to person-to-person as we can call and sms to that person, and notify them. Twilio is an on-demand IVR platform that’s provides API for companies to build scalable applications that can make and receive phone calls.
If you go through that integration its first step is to install “Salesforce library” in your Salesforce org. For a developer who is just starting or…

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