Making sense of it all

Work-Mom Balance

Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas and tasks swimming in your head, you don’t even know where to start? How about an array of “to do” lists on pieces of paper? Have you ever tried to make an important decision with various pros, cons, considerations, etc. and it’s just… daunting?

The solution could be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. It’s a great way to capture everything in one place and give the full picture:

  • Take a few minutes alone to unload everything that’s stressing you out
  • If you’re weighing a decision, put each option into a row, and different criteria in the columns
  • Color code by priority (ex. red = important, blue = low priority)
  • Explore moving things around, creating sub-tasks, capturing additional notes
  • Make it your own!

Remember, spreadsheets are not just for work – you can use them for your life at home! Trying to decide where to go on vacation? Looking to compare different contractors? Planning your…

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