Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework was a popular topic at Agile 2013.

Here are some highlights I borrowed:

5 Reasons to consider the Scaled Agile Framework

1. If you have successfully experimented with Agile at the team level and you are now interested in implementing a consistent Agile approach across one or more programs or departments.

2. If you have multiple teams running their own unique implementation of Agile but you regularly experience obstacles, delays, and failures anytime the teams are dependent on one another.

3. If you are eager to scale Agile across the organization but are not sure what new roles may be needed and what existing roles (ie management) need to change and how.

4. If you have attempted to scale Agile across your organization but you have struggled to achieve consistent strategy across business departments and consistent alignment from the portfolio level to the program and team levels.


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