Loading data from Excel – welcome to my new friend, PALO.SETDATA_BULK

the naked leaf

 I have a pathological aversion to large spreadsheets. Probably the most common issue I encounter in consulting is people trying to read or write 20,000+ rows * 150 column spreadsheets from their OLAP system. Then wondering why everything is slow on their client machine.

In my opinion, if you have a decent BI system, and you have managed to create some cultural change in your organisation around how data is surfaced, you don’t really need a 20,000 row spreadsheet on a daily basis. All you do is create further chaos and completely miss the point of a BI system, which should be to simplify how users interact with your organisational data, not make that interaction more complex.

If there is one thing worse than Excel Hell, it is OLAP Hell.

But no matter how much I rant, the fact and the reality is that people do use and need big…

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