VMware Workstation 10

Vipin V.K

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How many of us have Not used (and are not using) VMware Workstation ? I strongly believe not many.. From years VMware workstation is the perfect partner for me and for many.

And it is a very good news for all us from VMware, they released Workstation version 10 a week ago on 3rd September..!


As always, the new version brings to us a bunch of new features. Let us go through some of them.

Operating systems..

Workstation 10 supports Windows 8.1,  Windows 2012 R2, Ubuntu 13.10 etc.. It gives more flexibility for the use of Windows 8.1. We can now convert a Windows 8.1 physical machine to a virtual machine.

Advanced hardware support

Hardware support limitations are now increased and this can be concluded as in the below snap. With release 10 we can…

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