ApacheDS 2.0 Custom Partitions

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For Java programmers there is a lot to like about Apache Directory Server. Rather than fight with deep Linux sys admin stuff we can customise ADS with familiar plain old Java and maintain it ourselves. Recently I had a need to expose a database table through LDAP and I explored ADS to do that. Unfortunately all the posts I could find dealt with ADS 1.5 which is no longer maintained. My first impressions of ADS 2.0 were not encouraging. The elegant Spring configuration of 1.5 was gone in favour of a non-IOC ldif hell solution. That’s progress I guess, so I muddled my way through a mountain of code and eventually came up with a solution that added just two classes of mine and touched no code within ApacheDS. That is an important issue, as the ADS code is moving quite quickly and the build is huge. The strangely named…

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