Dynamic Reporting – Introducing Subsets

the naked leaf

Jedox has a quite a unique way of building dynamic reports. In either Excel or File Manager on the web you can take advantage of Subsets. Subsets are what they say they are:  a sub-set of elements from a particular dimension (set). They are dynamic and executed when the user runs the report.  A couple of examples of what you can achieve with Subsets:

  • Hide empty rows on a report (zero suppress)
  • Show a dynamic Top 20 report, based on users selections
  • Display children of a parent (that the user selects) as rows on a report
  • Filter Elements on rows by their attributes

You can pretty much go crazy with Subsets. You can make a report completely dynamic based on what the user selects. Technically, subsets are spreadsheet array formulas, which means that you have to use the ctrl+enter to apply the subset to a range and shift+ctrl+enter to un-apply…

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