renaming finder items IV


when we first started looking at batch renaming files, we saw how you could use automator to replace part of a filename with new text (see renaming finder items). here’s an applescript version of that functionality which makes batch renaming files in the finder even easier than automator.

this script works on batches of filenames that have something in common (eg. ‘12345 ThisFile_01’, ‘12345 ThisFile_02’, etc.) allowing the user to replace or add to that common element (eg. ‘ABCD_ThisFile_01’, ‘ABCD_ThisFile_02’, etc. … or … ‘12345 ThisFinishedFile_01’, ‘12345 ThisFinishedFile_02’, etc.)

the first part of the script references the selected finder items (the files to be changed) and the name of the first of these files. we use text item delimiters to strip the extension from that name :

tell application "Finder" set mgSelection to the selection set mgFirstName to name of item 1 of mgSelection set text item delimiters of…

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