Adding Yammer to Project 2013 Workspaces

Project Epistemology

Yammer is the greatest thing since sliced bread, automatic toll passes, and half price fajita night – or so I’ve been told.  For those of you not familiar with Yammer, it’s Microsoft’s solution for social networking and collaboration.  I am sure folks in Redmond may cringe when I write this, but imagine Yammer as a combination of Facebook and Twitter, but where the information and who can see the information is controlled by the organization.  This gives us all of the free wheeling knowledge management of social networking tools, but none (well, less) of the risk that this information walks out the door when I’m not paying attention.

What gets a bit confusing is that there’s a fair bit of overlap between Yammer (a recent acquisition) and the out of the box SharePoint social functionality.  That overlap hasn’t quite been rationalized as of yet, and is the topic of much…

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