Salesforce Analytics API

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With Winter ’14 the new Analytics API turns GA. This RESTful style of API consumes standard API call limits, uses OAuth authentication and JSON request/response message formats (representations).

The key functionality of the Analytics API is the execution of reports (in synchronous or asynchronous modes), the application of dynamic filtering and the inspection of report metadata.

Note, in experimenting/testing any of the RESTful APIs ( REST API, Chatter REST API, Analytics API etc.) the Apigee Salesforce API Consoles are an extremely convenient and useful tool – screenshot below.


Core API Resources

– Report metadata (GET /services/data/v29.0/analytics/reports/report_ID/describe)

– List recently viewed reports (GET /services/data/v29.0/analytics/reports/list)
Note to obtain a full list of reports the standard REST API should be used to query the Report resource (via Soql).

– Synchronous report execution (/services/data/v29.0/analytics/reports/report_ID)
GET for a simple execution (add includeDetail=true to the Querystring if required)
POST to apply filtering.

– Asynchronous report execution…

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