Winter 14 Embedded Analytics

Audit9 - Cloud Architects

Super quick post on Embedded Analytics just in case this has passed anyone by and because it’s probably my favourite non-technical new feature for some time.


In short, it is now possible to embed two charts (not reports) into a standard page layout (custom objects and standard objects), blurring the lines slightly between layouts and dashboards. The source report must be of the summary or matrix type and include a chart. Note the displayed analytics support manual refresh, but this is a limited resource (a users can refresh up to 100 report charts every 60 minutes, at the org-level this is 3,000 report charts every 60 minutes).

Hopefully the embedded analytics capability will be enhanced over future releases to remove the 2 chart limit and to support non-chart report outputs. A blended approach to the composition of layouts where dashboard components and standard page sections could be intermingled would be…

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