Month: October 2013

Howto build an application using Flickr Jquery/JSON AJAX and infinite scroll

How to build custom gallery using flickr , Javascript, JSON, HTML5 , CSS3

This Flickr infinite scroll application allows the user to Search images based on tags and load images infinitely and display the number of images loaded on a status bar.

I need to made it more modular and reusable. feel free to suggest.

The HTML piece

The javascript


The code can be download from here .

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Java still has interesting projects

This Hours Eternity

Despite its archaic syntax… some more interesting projects that have crossed my rss feed.

Big Data ingestion framework – 

Rx like framework –


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How to schedule a job using Quartz in Java

Devesh Sharma

Quartz is a richly featured, open source job scheduling library that can be integrated within virtually any Java application. More information about Quartz can be found at this link.


If you are using Maven, add the Quartz dependency to your pom.xml file.

Quartz Job:

Quartz is the job that you want to run after some specific time interval. A sample job class looks like this:

Quartz Trigger/Scheduler:

Quartz Trigger/Scheduler will run your job after specific time interval. A sample trigger/scheduler servlet looks like this:

The above trigger/scheduler servlet runs the job after every 10 seconds.

We are mostly there. Our job is all set to execute every 10 secs now. Just one last but not least thing. We will have to modify our web.xml file to load our QuartzScheduler servlet on the startup of the application. The web.xml file looks like this:


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How to Print Only Specific Selected Area in ms Excel

Know about Unknown

MS-Excel provides you with the option of selecting a specific area for printing. This saves you from printing unnecessary pages. To set the print are, do as follows:

  • Select the area that you wish to print
  • Go to Page Layout tab
  • Click on Print Are button
  • Select “Set Print Area”

The selected area will be marked with distinctive border. You can select and add more print areas –and all the selected areas will be printed in one command. But these areas may not necessarily be on one page.


excel 1



excel 2

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How to Copy Text From Any Image

IT Solution INDIA,

Do you need certain information in the form of text from scanned copies of documents.Either you can write the whole text by typing or you can use an OCR software.OCR (optical Character recognition) is method to extract text from images.It can recognise handwritten,printed or typewritten text and can reproduce them into editable word or txt format. These OCR software also preserve the formatting of the original scanned document into converted document.They are not 100% accurate and the converted document still requires some editing.But it is better to use an OCR software and do some editing rather to type the whole Document.


if you have Microsoft office installed in your computer then you won’t need any other third-party software as you can use Microsoft Office OneNote to copy text from image.
Trick to Copy Text From Any Image
For this you have to install MS-Office on your system. Now open Microsoft…

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