changing software in midstream

The Letters Project

I spoke too soon in the last post about my adored software Bento, which is no longer being offered by FileMaker, as of September 30. As you can see in the notice, FileMaker will continue to support Bento through next July, but who would feel comfortable working in software that doesn’t get updates, particularly one for iOS 7? I have painstakingly entered data about each scanned letter and will be adding lots of topical detail to each record as I transcribe the letters. I can’t depend on software that is on its way out.

So I put up a big chunk of money–big for me, even with the discount offered to former Bento users–for FileMaker Pro 12 and its free iPad app FileMaker Go. On the surface, it would seem that the new pair would simply be a more professional version of the Bento pair, but there’s a…

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