Spreadsheets: Speed, Sort and Crunch Sheets

EduTechno Talk

There are several reasons why using spreadsheets in the science classroom are beneficial and practical.  Spreadsheets can make a student’s life more organized and can save them a lot of time (Roblyer, 2013).   Another advantage of using spreadsheets in the classroom is that these tools are prevalent in the real-world, so practicing the skills necessary to effectively use them is valuable.  Additionally, the amount of material and complexity of concepts covered can improve by incorporating the use of spreadsheets into a class (Cahill, 2013).  As with all technology, how spreadsheets are utilized within a class setting determines if they have a positive impact on student understanding and achievement.

Spreadsheets neatly arrange the information collected so that it is easy to read and manipulate for further investigation.  A simple hand-made data table can be used to collect data, but they fail to provide any other service.  On the other hand, spreadsheets…

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