Display Project Server 2013 Excel Reports in your SharePoint Site

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This post is in continuation to my previous post on Building Excel reports from Project Server 2013 OData Services.

Now that you have your Excel Report and started being innovative in building jazzy reports and dashboard, you might want to display it on your homepage so that you could get the snapshot of everything when you login online.

The only requirement for this is to ensure that you have “Excel Web App” installed and the required features enabled.

Step 1: Upload your excel reports to a Document library and open it. This will open up the Excel report in a WOPIFrame page, with the URL as:

Office Subscription ScreenshotExcel Web App




Step 2: Copy the above URL to your clipboard.

Step 3: Edit your Project Site, add a Page Viewer webpart and set the type as “WebPage” and “URL” as the one copied from step 1.


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