SQL v/s NoSQL: Amazon v/s eBay and the false premise of NoSQL

So Many Oracle Manuals, So Little Time

Update: The recording is now available at http://www.confio.com/webinars/nosql-big-data/. The slide deck is at http://iggyfernandez.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/nosql-and-big-data-for-oracle-dbas-oct-2013.pdf.

In my webinar for Confio on October 10, I will explain that the deficiencies of relational technology are actually a result of deliberate choices made by the relational movement in its early years. The relational camp needs to revisit these choices if it wants to compete with NoSQL and Big Data technologies in the areas of performance, scalability, and availability. Previous versions of this presentation have been delivered at Great Lakes Oracle Conference, NoCOUG, and OakTableWorld. New material is constantly being added to the presentation based on attendee feedback and additional research. Attendees seem most interested in learning that eBay had the same performance, scalability, and availability requirements as Amazon but stuck with Oracle and SQL.

Register at http://marketo.confio.com/NoSQLBigDataforOracle_RegPage.html.

  1. The origins of NoSQL
    • Amazon’s requirements
    • Amazon’s solution
    • Amazon v/s eBay
  2. The false…

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