ImageMagick PHP Windows installation pain

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I am not a PHP expert, but I was having a play with the latest Magento 2 code drop on GitHub.  I thought I would share some little experiences in case helpful to anyone else.

I have Windows 7 on my laptop, so I am running XAMPP for my stack. I had an older installation with an older version of PHP, so I replaced PHP with version 5.5.  (There are newer XAMPP versions I notice now.)  I think only PHP 5.4 is currently officially supported by Magento 2, but I did not want to have to upgrade again any time soon so I took the chance.

Magento 2 seemed to all fire up, but when I went to save a Administration page configuration setting (to turn logging on) I got an error saying ImageMagick was required.

So I grabbed a copy of ImageMagick-6.8.7-Q16 (the latest I could find), then grabbed…

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