IRLS675 Unit 8: DSpace, Drupal, and Eprints Compared


Eprints Installation Compared to Drupal and DSpace
A number of ways to install Eprints 3 are listed on the website. The class used the install Eprints 3 via apt with Debian Linux using an Ubuntu server. See The sources list needed to be modified using $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and the eprints software  websites needed to be added to the sources file.   After this, the command $ sudo aptitude install eprints  was used to install eprints.

Eprints uses the typical LAMP stack of MySQL and Apache webserver software wheras DSpace uses a Tomcat server and the PostgreSQL database. DSpace code needs to be compiled and built with Ant and Maven which are Java tools which means that Java software needs to be installed as well when installing DSpace. In our particular system, the build step needed to have Java 6 instead of Java 7 installed. I installed Java…

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