Business Intelligence in the Cloud: Zoho Reports

Darren S. Kowitt, MBA

I discovered today in the chrome webstore a nifty little business intelligence offering from Zoho.

Zoho Reports

So I uploaded some exports from Salesforce.  First we’ll take a look at the login activity data, which begins to point towards how one audits things in the multidimensional space that is a database in the cloud, towards which lots of web services are making calls.

The summary function reporting of Zoho’s BI Tool is just like a SQL/MS Access GroupOn[Value] query.  It enables us to take this table of 1,691 rows and look at the clustering of values.  To tmake this interesting, I choose to Group On (and thereby collapse around) the LoginType field. And count the records to produce the following distribution histogram:

Absolute Automation is the name of an app by IHance, and it’s an email matching app that takes all email to my address and tries to…

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