Date Range Generator


Working on databases I usually find very frustrating the differences that there are in the provided DBMS’s packages.

Except for the (not so much) standard guaranteed by the SQL language, there are a lot of differences in the syntax used to declare a function in the procedural language. Things even go worse working on spatial extensions of some famous DBMS. In particular I have found some difficulties passing from postgreSQL to MySQL DBMS, especially when declaring procedures and looping over queries’ results (MySQL is sooooo painful with its cursors!!! :-[  ).

In one task, I had to generate a range of dates. in particular I needed to generate a date for every day in a provided interval/range. This could be done in postgreSQl using a function for the generation of series like described here! Unfortunately there is no equivalent form in MySQL -.-‘  So I decided to create a…

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