Office 365: Useful Troubleshooting Tools

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Out in the field we are often called upon to troubleshoot issues with Office 365, this can range from incorrectly configured devices to connectivity issues to heaping users who want to understand if their PC is ready to be used with the latest wave. Microsoft has recently (well back in September) provided some new tools which help with Office 365 troubleshooting. This blog post introduces the new tools, I will post some walkthroughs on how best to use these over the coming weeks.

When you sign into the Office 365 portal  you will now see a new menu item on the left for Tools. Below is a screen shot of the Tools that Microsoft has provided to help with analysing and troubleshooting. The screen shot below shows what’s available to you.


To introduce some of the more useful troubleshooting tools here is a brief description of how we’ve use some of…

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