Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on Linux with GNS3 and VMware


What the heck?

You didn’t think that the Spanning Tree Protocol or STP is something that is only related to Cisco gear, did you? Well, it is not. It is standard based protocol defined in the IEEE 802.1D. At least the basic form of STP. Being standard means, among other things, that it can run on any platform or OS, Linux included. The real question is why? This is why…

first, let’s take a look at my previous blog on connecting GNS3 and VMware on Linux box. What if we would like to extend our scenario to something like this:

gns3 topology stp

So what? We will use vmnet11 for VMware’s side of the bridge (ACS and CA servers), tap11 and tap12 interfaces for the GNS3 side. What will do the trick is this:

root@pop-deb:~# tunctl -t tap11
Set ‘tap11’ persistent and owned by uid…
root@pop-deb:~# tunctl -t tap12

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