Three Keys to Worry-free ERP

The Protiviti View

Search Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on Google, and you’ll find tales of epic failure outnumber success stories seven to one. If I had a $100 bill for every CFO I have heard complain about his or her frustration with an ERP platform, I’d have a serious bankroll on my hands. Today I thought I’d even the score a little by offering my two cents (since I don’t have that bankroll, unfortunately) – much of this courtesy of Protiviti’s own ERP leaders and experts – on how to make your ERP selection succeed.

The keys, you’ll see, are to address critical areas before selecting and designing your ERP system.

Key 1: Manage Change
I could spend days debating the fine points of SAP versus Oracle and Microsoft. But frankly, that’s their job. Success or failure, more often, depends not on functionality, but on management’s ability to get employees, suppliers and buyers…

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