Macros : An Introduction

the naked leaf

The Jedox Web Macro Engine is one powerful beast. It is based on PHP Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP5) and it enables power users and Jedox BI developers to write PHP code which is executed within Jedox Web’s Core run-time. What this basically means is it gives you the power of something like VBA on the web. It allows you to script event driven macros that can be executed by the user on demand.


Why on earth would you want to write macro scripts in Jedox web? For all the same reasons that you would write VBA in an Excel workbook. It helps provide an additional layer of sophistication, flexibility and power to the users of your reports.

Before you get started with Macros, a couple of points to note:

  • You cannot publish an Excel workbook with VBA macros to the web and expect Jedox to parse and re-write the VBA into…

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