Salesforce Live Agent Review & Customization

I Write Crappy Code

So you are building a new website hosted on and your boss says

‘Oh and we gotta have chat. Everyone has chat these days, we need it.’

Agree, disagree, doesn’t matter. You are doing it because rent is coming due and you can’t tell him that that idea is as bad as his comb-over (all purely hypothetical of course). So you start thinking about writing your own chat app because it sounds like fun (some UI options, push notifications, some cool chances to use javascript remoting maybe?), then realize you don’t have time for fun because this thing is due in like a week. So you frantically google around a bit and realize,

‘Wait a minute, Salesforce has it’s own native chat app “live agent”. That could probably do most of my work for me!’

Only question is can you hack at it enough to make it do what…

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