Processing ModSecurity audit logs with Fluentd

Recently had a need to take tons of raw ModSecurity audit logs and make use of them. First used Logstash and then attempted with Apache Flume (see previous articles). Next in line was Fluentd which is what this article is about, long story short I ended up just having to write a Fluentd output plugin to take the output from the tail multiline plugin and then format it into a more structured first class object that looks like the below example.

The Modsecurity Fluentd plugin is located here on Github:

  1. Get some audit logs generated from modsecurity and throw them into a directory
  2. Edit your fluentd config file and customize its input to use the tail multiline plugin and then the modsecurity plugin, an example is here.
  3. Customize your output(s)
  4. On the command line:  “fluentd ./fluent.conf -vv” 

This was tested against the latest version of Fluentd available…

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