Using global token variables for SOA and BPM SCA composites

J@n van Zoggel

Our Oracle BPM project is going live and so many user stories lately are targeted to the operational support team to help them ease the deployment and maintenance through the environments.

Since we are already using the Credential Store Framework (blog here) to centralize the authentication/authorization part of our Oracle BPM (and SOA) SCA composites our application configuration plans became smaller and much easier to maintain.

The only deltas in our configuration plans through dev, tst, acc and prd are the endpoint hostname & ports in the different environment. Configuration plans are composite-specific so we need to maintain them for each SCA composite application and often have to change the same value in multiple plan files. For example: the Oracle WebCenter Content endpoint is used by many of our BPM processes.

So together with our Oracle Fusion Middleware administrator “Two Tone” Tony van Esch we dove into the fact…

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