Autobuild numbers in Xcode4

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In Xcode 4 look in the Navigator pane, which is the pane on the left side of the Xcode screen. It has 7 icons across the top. Select the left-most icon (looks like a file folder) to get the Project Navigator pane.

Now click on the first item in that pane, which is the project itself. That opens a big window in the center with a narrow column to the left of it.

The narrow column has 2 sections: “PROJECT” AND “TARGETS”. Click on your project name in the “TARGETS” section. Now the center pane has 5 tabs along the top: “Summary”, “Info”, “Build Settings”, “Build Phases”, and “Build Rules”.

Click on the “Build Phases” tab. If your config is the same as mine you’ll now see 4 sections in the main window: “Target Dependencies”, “Copy Bundle Resources”, “Compile Sources”, and “Link…”. Click on “Add Build Phase” (at the lower…

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