How to set the Default Excel Version when you have multiple versions on your server/PC

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As per Microsoft, you need to install the oldest version first and the newest version last, if you intend to use multiple versions of MS Office on the same machine. There are KB articles for each version of Office that explain this, is for Office 2010 and it has the KB #s for other supported versions of Office as well. But there is a big assumption in these articles, that all of us would like to make the latest version as the default version, this is not always true and hence the problem. Like in my scenario, there was a need to install office 2010 on a server that already had office 2003 and the 2003 version needed to be made the default office application. So, if I install Office 2010 on top of 2003, then the newer one would become the default version which is NOT what is…

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