Read SharePoint List using SharePoint REST API and JSON

Lets Share with SharePoint

In this article we will see how JSON can be leveraged to access the SharePoint Lists using SharePoint REST API.

In order to execute this article we would need a SharePoint List which can be accessed using REST API later on.

For this demonstration we have a list by the name “LOB”, with one of the list columns by the name “LOB”.


The next step is to visit the Project Structure for this demonstration.

Project Structure:


Based on the above project structure following are required artifacts to be developed in order to see JSON in action:

  • SharePoint Mapped Folder: GetSharePointListInJASON
  • Application Page : SharePointListInJASON.aspx

In order to develop this functionality we need to add the Application Page which will contain the logic to access SharePoint List using REST API and JSON.


Definition of SharePointListInJASON.aspx

First of all we need to create a link which on click triggers the function “getListItems”.



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